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a) on the territory of the University:

- at the entrance to the territory
	to present a student ID with a magnetic card of the turnstile;
    - do not litter on the territory and throw garbage only in bins;
    - when meeting with teachers, greet them;
    - during lessons without  reason not to walk around the territory;
    - be thrifty in relation to the property of the University
	(movable and immovable property, flora and fauna, etc.)
    - follow the rules of wearing clothes and mutual conversation;
    - do not stick the various means of advertising without the 
	permission of the responsible authorities;
    - keeping calm in everyday life;
    - to fight against the use and distribution of narcotic and
	psychotropic substances, alcohol and tobacco products. It is 
	particularly noted that, according to the legislation of the 
	Republic of Uzbekistan, the timely failure to notify the 
	relevant authorities about the above cases may be the reason
	for bringing to justice.

b) in the audience:

- turn off cellular communications;
    - do not talk during classes;
    - be careful with the equipment, do not paint the desks;
    - do not leave behind paper and other debris;
    - Do not eat, do not chew gum.

c) in places of public catering:

- adhere to the queue when receiving dishes;
    - in queues to show respect in relation to teachers, women, older in age;
    - do not make noise during the meal;
    - follow the rules in catering.

d) in the information resource center (IRC):

- be polite with the staff of the IRC;
    - be careful with books and equipment;
    - do not talk loudly and do not disturb others;
    - do not leave behind paper, chewing gum and other garbage;
    - Follow the rules for receiving and depositing books.

e) in the places of residence of students:

- be careful with property, do not cause damage;
    - economically (rationally) to use electric energy, gas and water;
    - comply with the rules for the use of sanitation and hygiene rooms;
    - strictly observe the “Charter” and the “House Rules” of the House of Students.
     on sports complexes:
    - enter the sports complex in proper clothes and shoes;
    - be careful with sports equipment;
    - after classes, return the sports equipment to the designated place;
    - Follow the established schedule of the sports complex.
    g) in the Palace of Culture and other places for mass events:
    - be cultural in relation to the seats and other property;
    - during mass events, do not whistle, do not shout, do not go out
	without cause until the end of the event;
    - Do not sleep, do not lie on chairs, do not talk with each other, 
	do not disturb others.
    - by its exemplary behavior and knowledge, in various circles strive
	to create a sublime positive impression about the University
    - always strive for perfection, deeply realize such noble qualities 
	as living honestly and fairly;
    - to take care of the interests, honor, glorious traditions, authority 
	and prestige of the University, devotedly with soul try to preserve them 
	and be respectful towards them.
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