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MA Course gives fundamental and practical knowledge on a certain specialty, and also is a higher education that lasts for minimum 2 years on the basis of Bachelor’s degree.

Graduates who have finished the MA Course, by results of total state certification and for definition of a specialty of the  educational direction the diploma about assignment of the academic degree “the master” confirmed by the state stands out.

Preparation of masters on certain specialties is carried out on the basis of offers of customers of shots in the establishments of the higher education which has passed the state accreditation.

Masters prepare to:

– Conducting independent research, scientific and pedagogical and professional work on the chosen specialty;

–  Training after higher education in postgraduate study on a specialty, considering their preparation;

– Getting  additional professional training in system of retraining and improvement of professional skills The master, considering the specialty, scientific activity and scientifically – pedagogical preparation, can be engaged in the professional sphere:

– Scientific-pedagogical;

– Scientific-creative activity,

And also other specialties corresponding to directions of a bachelor degree.

The following concerns the basic spheres of professional work of masters:

– Research establishments, the design organizations, research and manufacturing enterprises;

– The state and not state higher, secondary – special; professional educational institutions;

– Other kinds of activity demanding the academic degree of the master. MPhil have following rights:

– To obtain knowledge, corresponding to the modern world standards of a science, technics and culture;

– Free usage of the library, information resources, educational, scientific, medical and other types of service, according to the established order in the charter of the higher educational institution;

– Participation in scientifically – research work, conferences and symposiums;

– To submit  work to a  publishing house;

– To complain  decisions of administration of the higher educational institution;

– To receive the grant established for students in a certain order and quantity, appointed legal and physical persons and directed on training.

Duties of students of a magistracy:

– Obtaining the knowledge specified in educational programs and the curriculum of higher education;

– Timely performance of various kinds of the tasks specified in the curriculum;

– Observance of the charter of the higher educational institution (HIGH SCHOOL), internal rules of an order and rules in houses of residing of students. Educational process in a master degree comes to the end with protection MPhil dissertations.

In the process of preparation MPhil dissertation the student should :

– To conduct scientific (scientific and technical, scientifically-creative) researches , notice professional problems and  study the general methods and ways of their permission;

– To be able to display the received information in the course of educational research in the form of the text, graphic or drawing;

– To prove an urgency of the chosen theme;

– To analyze a condition of the scientific and technical (creative) problem solved in this sphere;

– To generate scientific and technical, technical and economic and other requirements, to consider methods of the decision of tasks in view and to reveal the most effective way;

– To prove the most effective decision from the scientific, design, technological and technical and economic point of view;

– To investigate conformity of the most effective decision on the patent, and also originality of the patent;

– To form conclusions and offers by results of the decision of a scientific and technical problem and to define possibilities of their use in certain branches of economy.

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