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One of them. Formation of students as patriotic citizens of independent Uzbekistan on the basis of national and universal values, preparation of them for the fulfillment of national pride, Vatan and civil, childhood duties and duties before the nation; 

Two. To educate the students responsible attitude towards the occupation in the profession, to evoke and improve in them the feelings of honest performance of their duties as a citizen; 

The three. Formation of the responsibility of the family, the sense of Duty before the parents, the Aries, the neighborhood, the El-yurt; 

The four. Formation of a robust immune response to any extremist currents that threaten the student-youth development of society; 

The five. Formation of the student as a free, independent person, a person who recognizes his / her rights, relies on his / her own strength and capabilities.



One of them. President Of The Republic Of UzbekistanEvents dedicated to the works of Mirziyoyev; 

Two. Measures to be taken on the basis of the” program of additional measures aimed at the implementation of state policy on youth; 

The three. Events dedicated to historical dates and holidays; 

The four. Activities aimed at glorifying universal values on the basis of moral education and Customs, forming a feeling of love for the Motherland, its ardor; 

The five. Measures to combat drug addiction; 

The six. Religious extremism and counter-terrorism activities; 

The seven. Activities aimed at increasing legal literacy; 

Eight. Conversations with students living in the rent; 

The 9. Measures to combat corruption and prevent it; 

Ten. Activities aimed at meaningful Organization of leisure time of students and young people in student accommodation; 

The 11. Measures to prevent violations, combat crime and carry out legal propaganda; 

The 12. Activities related to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan; 

The 13. Ecology and health activities; 

The 14. Activities carried out with students in the field of human health and physical education will be discussed. 

On the basis of the "national program of Personnel Training" of the University, the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of spiritual and moral education carried out by students are increasing year by year. On the basis of this indicator, effective forms and methods of moral and moral education of students have been developed and introduced into practice. This is achieved as a result of the coverage of all the students of the Institute in the spiritual and moral educational work, further activation of the work of the group coaches with the students and individual work with each student. There are also more than 30 clubs operating in the Departments of the Institute, and more than 600 students and young people are enriching their knowledge.      During the first week of the academic year, pstf, 2-week TSTF,3-week MTF, 4-week ESTDF faculties “spirituality” will be held. The University introduces its students in the “Informatics” of the group coaches with the messages that are happening in our republic and in the world. The importance of this is so great that it plays an important role in the formation of an active attitude to the changes taking place in the society, events, reforms in the students. Various contests among university students and young people: in particular, "Queen of the University”,“student theater studio”, “tests of thought", " Who ate yesterday, who we were today, what kind of marks should we have tomorrow?” Contests like “cheerful and clever”, "student spring" will be held. Meetings on various topics with well-known poets, writers, public figures, lawyers and others are being held at our university. It is known that the issue of ensuring the humanitarian direction of education on the basis of rich spiritual and spiritual heritage and universal values of our people is of great importance in the educational system. Because any people can not imagine their future without knowing its history, relying on the spiritual heritage created over the centuries, developing it further.


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