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The Department of marketing service of the higher educational institution acts on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the law “on education”decisions and decrees of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan on providing qualified personnel of economic sectors, the Labor Code in action and relevant normative-legal acts in the field of current legislation and education.

Functions of the Department 

- Formation of the market of educational services and creation of an information database on the basis of studying the extiojini of all enterprises, institutions, organizations and citizens of the Republic to qualified personnel trained in the higher educational institution. 

-To determine the annual quantitative indicators of applicants admitted to the Institute and submit to the ministry the draft admission plan approved by the rector up to 15 janvar of the current year. The nomenclature of quantitative indicators and directions is determined on the basis of the extiology of the corresponding branches to specialists, based on the educational-cultural indicators of the educational institution of the Oly. 

-Identification of workplaces for young specialists preparing at the Institute before the end of the academic year and provision of work in accordance with the established procedure. 

-To study the need of the Institute for retraining and professional development of employees of enterprises in the relevant areas of education, as well as to develop proposals and comments on the organization of this work 

-To strengthen relations with Republican funds, participate in programs and projects of international funds, together with them to solve the problems of improving the quality of specialists preparing for the priority directions of the social infrastructure and economy of the Republic. 

-To conclude and fulfill additional agreements with advanced educational, scientific and production organizations of foreign countries, including participation in the organization of technological and dating practices and internships. 

-To identify advanced enterprises and institutions for the conduct of student practice in the relevant areas and specialties of higher professional education. 

-Formalization of contracts on training of specialists with enterprises, institutions, organizations, individuals, carrying out timely payment of tuition fees with students studying on the basis of payment-contract. 


-To inform extiojmandlar and individuals through mass media with the spectrum of educational services that can be provided by the institute, to prepare and issue projects in order to attract customers.

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