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Uzbekistan State University of Physical Education and Sport is one of the advanced University among the higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. According to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On education’’ and the National Program for preparing personnel, the university trains highly qualified specialists in the field of physical education and sport. The university has 5 study buildings ,an information technology center, as well as sports complexes: summer and winter pools, gyms for boxing, taekwondo ,artistic and sport gymnastics, track and field athletics, weightlifting ,tennis court, sectors for throwing javelin, discus, hammer and shot-put, hostels for students and canteens.Professor-teachers staff of the university determines the main purpose of its activities to provide students with a high level of knowledge, to fill them with scientific investigations, creative orientations. The priority of the university is to improve the quality of education. Present task is solved comprehensively, focusing primarily on fundamentality, which has always been advantage of compulsory education.The university conducts its activities Scientific Council on the assignments of scientific degree of DSc 27.05.2017,Ped 28.01. on the specialty “13.00.04-Theory and methods of physical education and sport trainings”.The university is going to plan to build a special scientific-practical laboratory; the main goal is to develop innovative methods of preparing highly qualified athletics on various sports for international competitions in 2019.Nowadays, highly qualified specialists at 18 departments deal their knowledge and huge experiences:6 doctors of science, 12 professors ,48 candidate of sciences and docents ,as well as Honored trainers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, master sports of the International Category.The number of students is 4701, amount of the students who study at the full time department is 3320, at the master’s degree - 62, at the correspondence department-1319.At present days 4 doctors at full-time department, 65 doctors at correspondence department are researching their scientific investigations at the university. Nowadays champions of Olympic Games, World Champions as well as winners and champions of different international championships are studying at the university.Our graduates are working successfully at the higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, at comprehensive schools, sport federations on different kind of sports, at children's and youth sports schools, funds for the development of physical education and sport in the Republic as well as at the military agencies.

Information on the construction and maintenance work carried out at the Uzbek State University of physical education and sports

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