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Training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel is considered as the next stage of higher education, in accordance with the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 24 July 2012 “on further improvement of the system of training and attestation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification”and the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic it is done.

Applicants for a scientific degree are prepared through a large Institute of scientific personnel-researchers.

Every year until May 1, scientists-doctors of science, actively engaged in scientific and scientific-pedagogical activity, recommend doctoral dissertationsininqan topics at the Scientific Council of the higher educational institution, they develop science and technologyinqanq on compliance with the priority tasks are conducted by an expert on. The committee for coordination of development of Science and technology shall enter into the recommended database of the topics of doctoral dissertations on the compliance of the subordinate subjects with their state scientific and technical programs within the period up to 1 June. In the form of a senior research fellow-researchers Institute, for post-secondary education, it is necessary that applicants choose from a database of doctoral dissertations, prepare a scientific report on the topic of the study and prepare a detailed project of the doctoral dissertation plan. The Institute of post-graduate education, as a scientific worker-researchers, incoming persons have a diploma of the magistracy of the institution of higher education or a diploma of a candidate of science or a diploma of a higher educational institution of the Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Internal Affairs and the national security service of

As a senior research fellow-researchers, they base the documents on the tone of incoming students:

Application; certificate (objective); certified copy of the work record book in accordance with the established procedure; Diploma of a higher educational institution OR Diploma of a candidate of Science; detailed project of the plan of scientific lectures and doctoral dissertation published on the topic of the study; list of abstracts (at least two) included in the collections of scientific articles (at least three), scientific and; A copy of the CAC document confirming that the applicant has passed a test Test to determine the academic and scientific-pedagogical activity; written consent of one of the leading scientists on the appointment of him as a scientific consultant.  Bunda can be a leading scientist scientific consultant, who, as a rule, chooses from the base of the proposed topic. Applicants entering the study as senior researcher-researchers will be awarded expertise, history of Uzbekistan, theory and methodology of knowledge of science, philosophy, methodology of science, foreign language (foreign language studied at the previous levels of education) and expertise of kirich ivthykhon. Applicants with a scientific degree of a candidate of Science in the relevant direction of the subject were exempted from passing the entrance examinations. Entrance exams will be held in December 1-20. Admission of senior researcher-researcher is carried out by an order issued until December 25 on the basis of the results of the selection of the relevant councils of the head of the higher education institution, on the basis of the allocated admission quota and on the basis of the decision on the approval of the subjects of doctoral dissertations. The scientific consultant can not provide scientific guidance to senior scientific staff-researchers and independent researchers with more than 3 people at the same time.

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