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REGULATIONS on the procedure for competitive selection of candidates for study abroad


Chapter 1. Generalities

1. This Regulation defines the regulations, procedures and mechanisms of the organization of the Foundation "El-Yurt umidi" for training abroad and dialogue with compatriots under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter — the Fund) competitive selection of candidates for master's and doctoral programs, training and internships abroad.

2. The direction on training on programs of the magistracy, doctoral studies, advanced training and training abroad is carried out by Fund on the basis of competitive selection.

3. The organization and carrying out of competitive selection of candidates are carried out by the commissions on carrying out competitive selection (further — the commissions) which personal structure and the order of work approve by Board of Trustees of Fund separately for each competition.

4. Admission to master's, doctoral, advanced training and internship programs abroad is carried out only for citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan and on the basis of uniform rules of admission and selection.

5. Persons may not participate in competitive selections:

for master's programs-under 23 and over 40 years, as well as previously received master's degree abroad in a similar specialty; for doctoral programs-under 25 and over 45 years, as well as previously received a PhD or doctorate; for training programs and internships — under 25 and over 50 years, as well as trained abroad for the last 3 years in one of the programs of the Fund; having less than 2 years of experience in the chosen specialty for study abroad, including pedagogical; consisting in elected public authorities; having an outstanding or unexpunged criminal record for serious or particularly serious crimes.

In exceptional cases, according to the decisions of the commissions based on the recommendation of the head of the Ministry or Department, persons — employees of the relevant ministries and departments under the age of 45 and 50 years, respectively, may be admitted to the competitive selection for master's and doctoral programs.

6. Competitive selection for study abroad is conducted in the state and / or Russian languages. Tests in a foreign language are conducted in the language of the country of study and/or in English (if the host foreign higher educational or scientific institution is taught in English).

Chapter 2. foundation scholarship

7. The scholarship Fund shall be disbursed in the prescribed manner in accordance with approved annually by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation programs:

for training in foreign educational and scientific institutions-for up to 2 months; for training in foreign educational, scientific, creative institutions, government agencies, enterprises and other organizations — for up to 6 months; for training in leading foreign higher educational and scientific institutions for master's programs — for 1-2 years, for doctoral programs — for 1 — 4 years.

8. The scholarship Fund allocated to persons who passed the competitive selection in accordance with the requirements hereof (the fellows) to cover the following expenses: payment of tuition for the scholars in foreign educational and scientific institutions, getting a scholarship visas (including the costs of medical examination at the request of the embassies of foreign States in the Republic); the fare of fellows to the training site by all modes of transport (return trip, no more than once per year); accommodation, meals and travel expenses for fellows in training in the host country; acquisition of necessary educational and scientific literature, including the purchase of textbooks, extract scientific articles, subscription to electronic databases of articles and scientific literature (one-time payment at the beginning of the training program); medical insurance of fellows while studying abroad; other expenses of fellows directly related to studying abroad, by the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Fund.

Chapter 3. The procedure for receiving documents for participation in the competitive selection

9. The announcement of the competitive selection carried out for master's, doctoral, advanced training and internship programs in accordance with the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Fund is placed in the media, including Internet publications and on the website of the Fund, at least one month before the deadline for acceptance of documents.

The announcement of the competition should contain the following information: dates and place of application; list of required documents;

requirements to the participants (age, work experience, specialty, the necessary level of foreign language skills, the availability of scientific publications, etc.); date and place of competition; contact numbers and email addresses.

10. Candidates for training in all programs abroad submit the following documents to the Fund:

a) the reference-the objective (questionnaire) of the corresponding sample;

b) the statement addressed to the Chairman of the Commission on the established sample, with indication of the form and the direction of training;

C) 2 photos of the established sample;

g) copies of diplomas certifying the completion of higher educational institution, degree (PhD, PhD, PhD) and academic rank (senior researcher, associate Professor and Professor);

e) a copy of the employment record (if you have seniority);

(e) copy of passport;

g) medical certificate in the prescribed form;

h) a valid national and international certificate that determines the degree of knowledge of a foreign language (national qualification certificate, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), if available;

(e)clean criminal record.

11. Candidates for training in advanced training programs and internships abroad in addition to the documents listed in paragraph 10 shall submit:

a) a letter of recommendation signed by the head of the organization (customer) or his Deputy with the justification of the need for training of the candidate abroad;

b) professional development or internship program;

C) a preliminary agreement with a foreign institution on the passage of the training program or internship (if any).

12. Candidates for master's degree programs abroad in addition to the documents listed in paragraph 10 are:

a) a copy of the diploma insert;

b) a document of enrollment in a foreign educational or scientific institution ("Letter of acceptance"), if available;

C) list and electronic version of the candidate's publications published both in Uzbekistan and abroad (if available);

d) essay (written work) on the purpose of studying abroad and the possible application of the acquired knowledge in Uzbekistan after graduation.

13. Candidates for doctoral studies abroad in addition to the documents listed in paragraph 10 shall submit:

a) a copy of the diploma insert;

b) a document of enrollment in a foreign educational or scientific institution ("Letter of acceptance"), if available;

C) a recommendation letter from the head of the relevant scientific or higher educational institution on the relevance of the candidate's research for the development of this field or the application of the results in Uzbekistan;

d) list and electronic version of candidate's scientific articles published in scientific journals in Uzbekistan or abroad;

e) essay (written work) on the purpose, methods and results of the planned research, their possible application in Uzbekistan.

14. Reception, collection and primary processing of candidates ' documents are carried out by the Fund's staff. If the candidate fails to submit one of the required documents within the terms specified in the announcement, the candidate is not allowed to participate in the competition.

15. Documents of candidates after the termination of the term of their acceptance specified in the announcement are submitted to the corresponding Commission of Fund with Appendix of results of the preliminary analysis prepared from employees of Fund and the attracted experts.

The documents submitted by the contestants after the end of the selection are not subject to return.

Chapter 4. Competitive selection for master's and doctoral programs abroad

16. The selection of candidates is carried out in four stages:

The 1st stage involves document review and initial selection of candidates that best meet the requirements (age, work experience, specialty, availability of scientific publications, selected for specialty training the country's development priorities and other requirements).

This stage is carried out by the employees of the Fund;

The 2nd stage provides for an interview (or examination) with the candidates selected at the 1st stage, who do not have a valid international certificate, to determine the level of foreign language proficiency (with the involvement of specialists of higher education and other institutions, including foreign);

The 3rd stage involves an interview and a written exam (essay) selected at the 2nd stage candidates to determine level of proficiency in their chosen profession, intellectual abilities, and on the basis of pre-established Fund of the questionnaire the breadth of Outlook and knowledge of the main directions of development of Uzbekistan and carried out reforms in the country (with participation of specialists of ministries and departments, higher educational and research institutions, enterprises and organizations, including foreign experts);


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