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"Scientific–theoretical journal" Science-Sport " 04.01.2007 y. Registered with the number 02-005 in the press and Information Department of Tashkent City.  According to the agreement of 446/S on 24 June 2008 to the editorial board of the journal “ problems of Physical Education and sport ” National Book of the Republic of Uzbekistan palatasi “ physical education and Sports ” issued the number of "problems of Physical Education and sports" ISSN 2010-6262. The editorial board carries out its work on the basis of the regulations approved by the legislation" on mass media", in the volume of the contract concluded with it.Conducting editorial work is entrusted to the editor-in-chief, editor-in-chief, responsible secretary and working group of the "editorial board and board" in coordination with the founder.  At the initial stage, the editor-in-chief of the magazine took place.the f.d., dots. The A.E.All scientific articles are reviewed and analyzed by Gulamov and sent to a specialist for peer review. The article is reviewed by the holis reviewer, suggestions and shortcomings are indicated. After correcting the shortcomings by the Mualif, the article is submitted to the editorial board and recommended to be published by the board without prejudice to the review of the case.  After the completion of the process of pages of the journal number, the Russian language (I.The A.Sarukhanova), in the Uzbek language (G.Sadikova), in English (S.Galimova) s carry out editorial checks. Then, the project of the journal was published in a series of scientific works by Vice-Rector A.E. Gulamov and editor-in-chief B.A. It is submitted to onorboyev and after these processes is submitted to the printing house for printing in the appropriate order.  The periodicity of the scientific–theoretical journal" Science to sport " is 3 Once a month, that is, 4 pieces per year, 1600 pieces per year. The costs associated with the publication, production of the Journal are covered by the institution. 1 of the scientific-theoretical journal 2018, - each number of the Journal was published in 100 copies of the numbers of employee of the Working Group in the order established in the printing house (A.Of the Republic of Uzbekistan, communications and Information Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Press and Information Department of Tashkent City, Monitoring Center, University Library, editor-in-chief of the journal, vice-rector for Scientific Affairs, Research Department, Academy of students, deans, some specializations, subscribers and active editorial board and board members are distributed and written off on a per-account basis. In this regard, the Charter also provides for distribution on the basis of a subscription agreement with some organizations, subscription on the basis of application to the heads of grants and economic contracts being implemented at the University.

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