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Department of Youth Affairs, spirituality and enlightenment




One of them.  The Department of" work with young people, spirituality and enlightenment "carries out its activities on the basis of the requirements of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, law"on Education"," National Program of Personnel Training", presidential decrees, government decisions, orders and normative documents of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education and the Ministry of Physical Education and sports, as well as the

Two. The department participates in the discussion and solution of issues directly related to its general activities at the level of higher organizations and the University; determines the functional duties of the members of the department and controls their implementation; submits proposals to the university management on obtaining employees, dismissal or appointing them to a new position, spiritual-material pagination and taking disciplinary measures.

The three. The plan of spiritual and educational work of the university is approved by the University Council, annual plans of the spiritual and Educational Council are approved by the rector of the University.

The for. Personal responsibility for the activities of the department is entrusted to the head of the Department. The department covers the task of planning and implementation of all types of spiritual and educational work carried out at the university level and fulfills them on the basis of a prospective and annual plan.

The five. The department, in cooperation with the university community, leads the students to raise the morale of young people, to educate them in the spirit of respect for their mother-Homeland, people and today's creative work.


Formation of national ideology, education of young people in the spirit of rich historical and cultural heritage, respect for national traditions, universal values, love for the motherland, loyalty to the ideas of national independence, formation of persons who are broad-minded, healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually harmonious, understand the essence of the reforms in the socio-political, legal, economic spheres and are able to immerse


- on the basis of national and universal values, rich historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of our people, in the formation of the worldview of students, each complete and harmonious generation is brought up on the example of human qualities such as patriotism, labor, humanism, faith and compassion;

- Carries out its work on the basis of the requirements of the law "on Education"," National Program of Personnel Training", Materials of the session of the Supreme Assembly of the Republic, presidential decrees, works, speeches, decisions of our government, decisions of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Physical Education and;

-the department takes into account the potential and interests of the group coaches in the planning of educational work at the University, the extent to which they are able to perform assignments;

-students educate the sense of love for the motherland, loyalty to the president, Constitution and state symbols of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- educates spiritual, rational, physical, harmonious, economic, legal literacy, hardworking, talented young people in the spirit of identification and education, implementation of the concept of “family, neighborhood, University” ;

-the minds of our young people are absorbed into the mother-Homeland, heritage of our great ancestors and high esteem of our people for today's creative work;

- Organization of trips to ancient historical monuments and educational institutions built in the period of independence, museums, theaters and exhibitionstiradi;

- other educational institutions study work experience;

-The University Council discusses the issues of spiritual and educational councils, implements their decisions;

- the team of all professors and teachers for educational work, Union of youth of Uzbekistanthe t. and other organizations, attract students, coaches, neighborhood and parents, coordinate their work;

- in order to organize students ' leisure activities efficiently and to properly conduct extra-curricular educational work, the University attracts them to scientific, creative, journalism and professional circles and sports sectors and regularly monitors them;

- examines the impact of high national and universal values of our people on the development of culture and spirituality of our society, their role and role in the construction of a secular, legal state and restoration of civil society, and reveals their essence in the practice of educating students and youth;

- formation of special deep knowledge on the educational historical and scientific basis of all religions, which makes the population of the Republic, through the positive features of the world religions.;

- develop and implement measures to prevent exposure to various harmful ideas, any forms of extremism and religious fanaticism, a broad explanation of the reactionary essence, an environment of drug addiction, immorality, through the broad promotion of a healthy lifestyle among students;

- promotes the principles of the policy of friendship and harmony among nations and nationalities living in our republic and carries out extensive explanatory work in order to strengthen them;

-organizes the process of ensuring that education is aimed at the comprehensive manifestation of students 'abilities and talents, radically updating its content, establishes measures to ensure the priority importance of national and universal values, harmonization of individual and environmental relations, formation of students' worldview, high spirituality, culture and creative thinking;

- carries out large-scale activities aimed at bringing up feelings of honor and responsibility for Vatan and his people, respecting its ancient history, for building a prosperous and prosperous life in the organization of the educational process;

- establish and maintain conditions for the deepening of democratization in the formation of the student community, in the education of humanity and a sense of responsibility;

- carries out spiritual and educational work in close cooperation with the heads of scientific, creative, journalism, professional circles and sports sectors;

- participates directly in the preparation of issues discussed in the Council of spirituality and enlightenment of the University, ensures their implementation;

- organizes and carries out activities aimed at increasing political, legal literacy of the coaches of the academic group; 

- provides a high level of organizational and educational transition of traditional holidays such as Independence Day, Constitution Day, memory and Honor Day, Navruz day, teachers and mentors Day, International Women's day, Vatan defender day, Alumni Night;

- helps closely coordinate and conduct spiritual and educational work carried out by The Information Resource Center of the university, guides;

- creates conditions for the self-management of students, pays special attention to their talents and talents, contributes to the development of their creative abilities;

 - academic group coaches provide a high level of”information hour " on major changes in the economic, political, social and spiritual spheres of our country and the world on a certain day of the week;

 - the head of the department or the vice-rector for Youth Affairs reports to the University Council two times a year (in the first and second half years).

The IV. Rights of the head of Department:

- To give appropriate instruction to professors and teachers in connection with the tasks set out in the regulation;

- to make suggestions to the management on the issues of proper organization of students ' free time and opening of new scientific and sports clubs based on the scope of the service;     

- taking into account the achievements of the group's coaches and professors in the field of educational work, making proposals to the management for awarding them;

- the group coaches impose disciplinary punishment in agreement with the management for their irresponsibility towards the task or abuse of it.

V. Carries out the following work with the management:

-approval of the plan of spiritual and educational work of the group coaches in cooperation with the management and control over their implementation;

- approval and implementation of the plan of sports competitions and work of various clubs in the University in agreement with the management;

- development of the plan of working with senior students in cooperation with the dean's Office, students and constant control of its implementation;

- To carry out spiritual and educational work constantly with students living in the dormitory, regularly get acquainted with their living conditions and constantly inform the management about this;

-supervise the plan of spiritual and educational work and its implementation, monitor the implementation of the tasks of professors and teachers in the load of spiritual and educational work.

The VI. Planning and Organization of the work of the head of Department

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